It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Feeling better…

Emily arrived with a largish gift bag today. A gift bag into which she immediately plunged her little arms. Mummy deferred Emily — “Not now, honey. That’s for Christmas.” –then explained to me, “She wants to give you her contribution right now!

For the next half hour, Emily participated in all our activities, but it was clear her wee heart wasn’t in it. Longing glances at the gift bag while we sang our circle songs; a careful fluffing of the tissue paper every time she passed the tree; many mentions that “It’s not quite Christmas yet!”…

and Mary caved. What harm in giving the kid the joy of giving, when she so clearly wants to?

She opens the bag and pulls out…


Do I believe that she put on every single one of those 500 stickers?

This is Emily of the Christmas ball.

Yes, I do.

Isn’t it great?

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