It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

Here we have a small boy.


A small boy in his FIRE CHIEF shirt, who loves to do all manner of small boy things: running, jumping, climbing, shrieking, hugging soft toys, baking cookies (and eating the batter!!), picking his nose (and eating the… oh, never mind), building towers to knock them down — the louder the crash the better!! — driving trucks, throwing balls, shovelling snow, sliding down hills, bombing around the house on the skut bike, swinging sticks perilously close to other children’s eyes, discussing poo, making loud and meaningless sounds…

And of course, all these things are so much more fun if you do them…

…while wearing your tutu.

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Industrious toddler-ness

… wears a tutu. Of course.

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Fabulous Five, week 2

I’m cheating. Super Seven is only going to be five. Five things that brought me joy this week.

This was the second week back after my holidays. The first full, five-day week. With a new baby. I think I’m too tired for joy, exactly, but it was a good week. There were things that made my heart rise a little. I can conjure up a weary smile, but joy? Takes too much energy, thanks. Mostly I just want to go to bed.

Going to bed would bring me joy.

Monday: First Monday with the new baby, Noah. Some tears, no screams. No screams is good. This made me smile.

Tuesday: The dog’s innards have settled. I can’t say that I enjoy cooking her ground-turkey-and-rice meals, but it’s better than the alternative.

Wednesday: Anna wore a tutu. Is there anything cuter than a three-year-old in a tutu? (I got that picture from The Tutu Boutique. Interested in a tutu? Check it out!)

Thursday: Yes, there is. A three-year-old in a tutu, rolling down a sunny hillside.

Friday: Or a three-year-old in a tutu, screaming with laughter as she chases a dog across a sunny field.

The highlight of my week? Anna’s tutu. Hee.

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