It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Mother’s Day Craft!

Here you go! A super-simple, super-easy, and very effective Mother’s Day craft.

cookie tins
spray paint
permanent markers (NOT Sharpies, as previously advertised, but my new fave Tul! Soooo pretty.)
masking tape

That’s it.


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Any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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What does YOUR handwriting tell you?

geeky man in lab coat

geeky man in lab coat

Here’s a slightly goofy little handwriting-analysis exercise you can do, and it doesn’t take long. You’ll need the speakers on to hear the analysis.

According to my handwriting, Dr. Ackerman (he MUST be a doctor! he’s wearing a lab coat! and a pocket protector! and has big glasses!) informs me that I am…

– gregarious, emotionally responsive, extroverted, a good lover, trusting
– average
– expansive, unhibited, gregarious, generous
– an aspiring, goal-oriented person
– physical, imaginative, warm, flexibile, free, uninhibited, playful, fun-loving, up for anything, direct (at which point I think Dr. A was thinking … inappropriate … (though flattering) thoughts about me. Which is a little worrying, given that he’d previously told me he thought he might love me.)

Told you it was goofy.

In fact, I’d say only about half the point are accurate, but it was a fun way to waste five minutes. And I do rather like the look of the pen they picked out for me.

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