It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Menu Monday

Vegetable: Cucumber-mint salad
Main: Southwest bean stew*, baking powder biscuits
Dessert: butterscotch-bran muffins

(Updated to add: Today is going to be a gross day out there — freezing rain, ice pellets, snow — so I think that we will spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. They’ll help me make the muffins, OF COURSE! It is Muffin Monday, thanks to Hannah, but they’ll also help me make the salad and the biscuits. We love to cook! As we cook, we talk about the food — the colours, the scents, the textures. We maybe even have little nibbles, because, for some strange reason, a cucumber or a sprig of mint is more appealing when it’s mildly illicit…) Like so many other things in life, come to that… 😉

Tuesday — Pancake Tuesday!:
Vegetable: French onion soup (with veggie stock instead of chicken because of the vegetarian toddler, of course!)
Main: Spiced lentils with rice
Dessert: Cranberry-studded dollar pancakes

Vegetable: Garden salad
Main: Salmon Cakes, Cheesy potato cakes, cooked carrots
Dessert: Bananas dipped in powdered walnuts

Vegetable: Carrot soup
Main: Rice and dahl, roasted root vegetables with choice of balsamic vinegar or horseradish dressing (or nothing on top, of course!)
Dessert: Muffins

Vegetable: Veggie Fritters
Main: Fusilli and finely diced veggies with tomato-bacon sauce**.
Dessert: Pineapple chunks

You’ll note that a the links are mostly to Chef Michael. Yup! They’re all from his cookbook, The Best of Chef At Home, which I own and love. However, I also loooove that website. Check out the recipe list. His stuff is generally simple to make, and always flavourful. So good!

*The link is to a beef stew, which is supremely good (if you take the time to brown the meat slowly!), but obviously I can’t serve beef to a crew including one vegetarian, so it’s now a bean stew (probably black bean and pinto, I’ll have to check the freezer). In this case, switching out to vegetarian is indeed a loss, but still quite yummy!

**In this case, I just made a small separate batch for the veggie tot’s pasta. Everyone else gets bacon. NOM.

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Menu Monday

Monday: Stuffed peppers (Done in slow cooker. Eeeeeasy!)

Tuesday: Vegetarian lasagna

Wednesday: Singapore noodles (my family will have it with shrimp, the daycare, with tofu)

Thursday: Peanut butter sandwiches, cauliflower

Friday: Felafels

As always, if you want a recipe, just ask!

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Menu Monday, a day late

Monday: Quinoa Casserole. In fact, this was the stuffing for the stuffed green peppers my family had Sunday night, only I made so much there was ample to put in a small baking dish, top it with spaghetti sauce and cheese, and call it a casserole.

Tuesday: Meatloaf, cooked carrots, rice pilaf

Wednesday: Hoisin-salad rolls, corn niblets

Thursday: Vegetable-cheese tart

Friday: Enchilada Bake

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This week’s menu

Why am I sharing this week’s menu with you? I dunno. Because today cooking interests me more than toddlers, I think. Some days are like that — but it’s all good, because just LOOK at what those lucky little so-and-so’s get to eat:

Black bean felafels in whole-wheat pita halves with beet-green salad.

Home-made bruschetta on Italian bread and cubes of cheddar cheese.

Tofu on rice. I cut the tofu into sticks and fry till crispy on the outside. They dip it in veggie dip, along with cooked carrot sticks. Kids will eat ANYTHING if they can dip it.

Spinach-sunflower seed pilaf with chicken. (Real chicken. We do not do pre-made, ultra high-fat and -sodium chicken fingers in this house.)

Winter vegetable soup and home-made cheese biscuits.

There is a possibility that they might also get to taste some roasted garlic soup on Wednesday, if there are leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner (which I doubt). Similarly the lentil-beet salad.


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