It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Menu Monday

First Course: SW bean salad
Main Course: Spinach pie
Dessert: Muffins

First Course: Vegetables and dip
Main Course: Black bean soup on pasta
Dessert: honeydew melon slices

First Course: lemon-braised kale
Main Course: Meatloaf (I make mine with a veggie layer, for added nutrition/fibre)
Dessert: clementines

First Course: cucumber raita
Main Course: Tandoori chicken on rice
Dessert: muffins


First Course: red pepper slices
Main Course: Singapore noodles
Dessert: cookies

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  1. …I only recently discovered your blog, after searching the web for other individuals that might start their day at 5am being peed on by a screeching 3yr old while his mom stands on making it worse…I will have 8 children today, the last one won’t go home until 11pm, but I must say I feel better after reading some of your posts. I am not alone. Haha

    Now…about that spinach pie? We grow spinach in our garden, can you tell me where can I get the recipe?

    Comment by Miss April | April 23, 2014 | Reply

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