It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Because I’m Really NOT Busy Enough Yet…

…I’ve started a new venture. Together with another blogger, I have stepped into the waters of … well, kind of what I do here, only more. Less with the funny stories, more with the considered opinions.

What we’re trying to do, Motherapist and I, is to create a forum for constructive interaction. From our Mission Statement:

We recognize that parenting occurs within a larger emotional family system, and issues affecting that system…help to shape interactions between parents and children. Our goal is to create an environment where such issues can be discussed openly to explore how they may influence the way we parent, adversely or otherwise, and provide support and appropriate solutions to one another when necessary.

Open discussion – which, since Mary is involved, will be polite, thankyouverymuch – on issues involving and surrounding parenting. Is this my thing, or what?

Come on over to Partners in Parenting, and make it your place, too!

© 2006, Mary P

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