It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Because any time’s a good time

for a hug.

We are getting ready to go out. I am kneeling in the front hall, thrusting various bits of children into various bits of clothing. Jazz decides Rory needs some loving, flings an arm around his neck, and squeezes. Hard. A look of alarm crosses the poor lad’s face. Not wanting to discourage Jasmine’s impetuous affection, but also not wanting poor Rory throttled before my very eyes, I draw them both into a hug, casually inserting myself between them. Rory draws a largish breath.

Tyler decides he needs a piece of the hug action, and hurls himself at us. Grace wiggles in. Five-year-old Emily has the words for this. “Group hug!” she yodels, and joins the giggling mass.

“We did a group hug with mummy,” Tyler tells me.
“You and Emily?”
“Yes,” Emily concurs. “When mummy was sitting.”
“Isn’t that nice! You were all three sitting?”
“No, me and Emily were standing. Mummy was sitting. On the toilet.”

And you know? I’m guessing Mummy didn’t mind. 🙂

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  1. When I first had a child, I swore that I would never say no to a hug. Of course, he promptly started using hugs as delaying tactics. “Clean up your toys, please.” “But I need a hug!” “You just had one!” “I need another one!” ….ad infinitum. So sad as it makes me, I’m having to lay down rules for hugs, and that includes no hugs if one of the participants is on the toilet!

    Perhaps you could use delay tactics on the delay tactics. “Sure you can have a hug! As soon as you clean up the toys!” (He won’t be thrilled, I know. But it’s good for you — you’ll be true to your promise to yourself (you’re not saying no to a hug, just deferring it for a couple of minutes), AND the mess gets tidied. A win-win, no?)

    Do you lock the door when you’re in the bathroom? Because otherwise, I’m not sure how you can prevent toilet hugs, being as you’re pretty much captive…

    Comment by Heather Freeman | April 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. I sometimes feel that you can’t say you’re a mom unless you’ve been hugged while you’re pooping.

    Comment by Alison | April 18, 2011 | Reply

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