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A meme, because it’s easy

A meme from Hannah, via Nicole, because I genuinely want to get back into blogging, but seem to have zero energy for it.

If Jane had 3 apples and John had 78 nails, how many layers of clothing are you wearing (how is the weather in your neck of the woods?)

I am wearing three layers on top (not counting the bra): tank top, long-sleeved tee, sweater. Two pairs of socks on my feet. Weather: Brilliantly sunny, but cold. (-17C, w/c -23) What with all the sun, if there were no wind, it would be lovely. But there is wind. So, outside is beautiful to look at, but not a place to linger in. (But yes, we’ve been outside.)

What is keeping you sane during these long winter months?

My holiday. Dreaming of it, planning it, and going. I was here last week.
I will get through the rest of the winter remembering it. The white sand, the turquoise water, palms trees, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, sailing, the reef… Aaaaah. The rum punch. (Possibly more than was good for me.) I stayed with a friend who lives there. (LIVES! there.)

If you were on a boat with a box of chocolates and your mother-in-law, who would you throw overboard?

Oh, dear. My mother-in-law is a very sweet woman who has had a couple of near misses with the grim reaper this past year. She’s very frail, and her days are numbered, so what she has are to be treasured. I’m sure the fish will enjoy the chocolates.

What’s in your underwear drawer besides underwear?

My underwear drawer is a basket that really doesn’t have much room for anything but underwear. There may, however, be a wee Lelo in there…

Do you trust yourself with sharp objects near your face? (As in, do you pluck your own eyebrows? Do you have any eyebrow horror stories?)
I do pluck my eyebrows, and no, no horror stories. My two daughters have the delicate skin and much get their brows done at least 24 hours before any event for the redness to fade. Me, I’m fine after about 20 minutes. Obviously, those delicate genes did not come from me!

I am terrified of dead bodies, spiders, and the dentist. What are you scared of?
Caves. (I’m mildly claustrophobic, and all small spaces make me uneasy, but caves, no matter how large, terrify me.) Driving a two-lane highway in winter with a snowplow approaching in the other lane. Both those things will make my heart pound so loud I can hear it in my ears, and cause me to break out into a cold sweat.

Are you wearing nail polish? And if so, what colour?
I love nail polish and wear it most days. It is a true test of my common sense to walk by a display without buying another bottle, which I could not possibly finish before it goes ooky, given how many bottles I already own. But I loves the stuff!

Currently, I am wearing Essie’s ‘For the Twill of It‘ on my fingers, and have an ambitious dark blue-turquoise-white confection on my toes intended to look like tropical surf. And you know? It sorta does! 🙂

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Yeah, that’s about right

I am the type of person who does quizzes in magazines and answers surveys. I like lists, I like boxes to tick and ideas to think about. Knowing this, a friend sent me a link to a personality test. Whee! Questions to answer! Lists to read! My opinion solicited!!

I did it, of course. Because that’s what I do.

Then I looked at the results, thought of the ongoing project that is Daniel, and nodded my head. Several times.

There were some aspects to my description that don’t apply to me. I don’t think I’m any more hurt by rejection than most people, and criticism I can take in stride, particularly if it’s constructive. I don’t think I’m “dogged” at all. In fact, I’d like a little more of that, really!

But when it comes to how I feel about conflict? Yup, yup, yup. And problem-solving, creativity? Uh-huh. Pretty much everything else there is me.

Harmony-Seeking Idealist? Not too far off!

If you try the test, let me know which one you are!

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Quick! Where are you, right now?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably female. (Most of my readers appear to be.)
You’re probably reading this on a laptop (or a tablet).

And, therefore, you’re PROBABLY IN BED!!! (Go, read. It won’t take long. Then come back and take my poll!!)

Are you back now? Am I right? I bet I am! Marketers wouldn’t steer us wrong!

So, just to test out this theory, I have comprised a little poll. Feel free to vote. Vote early, vote often! (If you choose “other”, you could leave a comment telling what otherness you’re up to!)

There. Wasn’t that fun?
And, moreover, are you suitably attired in pretty little tank top and underwear?
On a big, white, poofy comforter?

Because that’s HOW A LADY BEHAVES.


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Living Life to the Full. Maybe.

Hannah did a meme from the Daily Mail. I decided I would do it, too. Memes are so eeeeeasy, and this one was sort of interesting, and, like Hannah, I miss memes.

I take issue with some of these, and there are others that belong on a ‘living life’ list, that aren’t here, but here are my responses to the list as provided.

1. Stop worrying about money.

I love Hannah’s quote on this one. It’s easier not to worry about the stuff when you’ve got lots. While I agree that lots of people worry too much about not having enough when really what they need to do is exercise a little self-discipline and stop spending so damned much, it’s too easy for someone with more to tell someone with less not to worry.

I worry about it as much as is responsible, and act accordingly … so I don’t need to keep worrying. Seems a reasonable balance.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think.

For the most part, I stopped worrying about what other people think in my mid-twenties. I did love Hannah’s caveat, though, that “the social contract falls apart pretty quickly if you never consider how other people are reacting to you.” Absolutely!

3. Take two holidays a year.

I’d worry about money a whole lot more if I did that… However, if by ‘holiday’ you mean ‘time off’ as opposed to ‘travel someplace new’, I do that. I just don’t have the money to go anywhere.

4. Enjoy little comforts in life.

Ooooh, this I do! Every morning when I walk the dogs, I come to the hill overlooking the river and feel a great wash of gratitude and appreciation for the beauty. Every.Single.Morning. It never gets old. I love the sound of rain. Mozart and Etta James. Walking. I love my tea mug with the bright red flowers. That first cup of tea in the morning. Sunrises. I love the smell of almonds. Being alone. My down-filled pillow. Baby laughs. Giving myself pedicures. Nail polish. Singing. Flirting. My dogs. Summer dresses. Stockings. (Not panty hose. Stockings.) Windy days. Laughing. The list goes on and on and on and ooooonnnnn

5. Experience different cultures.

Experience, as in live there? I’d love to! I did spend a month in England, years ago. Experience, as in read their literature, listen to the music, eat the food? Whenever I can!

6. Work to live rather than live to work.


7. Pay off all debts.

That’s top of our marital to-do list. Last year it was impossible, in any meaningful sense. This year it becomes so, and we have begun. It will be a several-years-long process, but I am very excited about this! I hate, hate, hate being in debt.

8. Be true to yourself.

Harder than you might think, but yes, I am.

9. Concentrate on what you have instead of what you don’t have.

It’s a life’s credo of mine. Yes.

10. Use money on experiences rather than saving for a rainy day.

Oh, that’s just dumb. Be the grasshopper, not the ant? So the choice is between being a miser in a cold, dark castle with dusty piles of unused gold, or being free and happy and living life to the full in the moment? Surely you can do a bit of both? Even more: Surely lots and lots of “experience” can be had for free? And if you really can’t have both, are you so very sure that your memories of all your experiences will keep you warm and fed when you’re old and poor?

11. Make time for family and friends.

I could do better.

12. Try all types of food.

Yup. I like food.

13. Find true love.

Done. 😀 Had a false start, but got there in the end!

14. Travel to at least 25 different foreign countries
HA! This meme originates in England. This is MUCH easier when you live in Europe, where you can freaking walk into four adjacent countries… (Or, if you’re in England, a 20-minute plane ride will do it.) But yes, it’s a lovely goal, and maybe one I’ll achieve when I retire.

15. Go outside more.

I could do more in the winter, I guess… But I doubt I will. I make up for it in the summer, when I’m outside hours every day. Yay, summer!!!

16. Learn a new language
Always wanted to. When. When??

17. Be well thought of by family and friends.

This one’s silly. First: How can this be on your list, if you’re not worried what people think of you (cf #2, above)? Second: If your friends don’t think well of you, they’re not friends, are they? Third: You have no control over what people think of you. You may be perfectly lovely, and some rotten person despises you anyway. Nuttin’ you can do about that. This doesn’t belong on the list.

18. Help a member of your family out when they really need it
Yes, though I did better at this when I was younger. Perhaps it’s just that when I started having kids of my own, ‘family’ got redefined a bit. I could do better here.

19. Lose a stone in weight.

Done. A stone is 14 pounds. I lost about thirty pounds five years ago, and it’s still off. Of course, this assumes you have that much to lose. Lots of people don’t!

20. Treat each day like it’s your last.

Hannah’s answer to this made me laugh out loud. I’ve always wondered what people mean when they say this. However, do I appreciate my life? Damned straight I do. Every day. Would I appreciate it with an even more fervent attention if I knew its duration was severely limited? Of course, but that doesn’t mean I’m wasting it now.

21. Visit all of Britain’s historical landmarks
I’ll go with Hannah’s response to this: Because I’m Canadian, I’d like to change this to “visit every province and territory in Canada”. I have always wanted to do this. So far I’ve been to BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. That’s a lotta country unvisited!!

22. Book an impulsive last minute holiday.

Oh, maybe a weekend getaway that we could drive to. Anything bigger than that would give me a panic attack. Besides, on whose money? Booking a pricy last-minute getaway would have me worrying about money, and, as per point #1, above, I’m not supposed to be doing that…

23. Volunteer for a good cause.

I do this intermittently, but would like to be more consistent. Fitting it in is the challenge, though I am playing with the idea of taking the tots to visit a neighbourhood senior centre once a week. An outing and a good cause, at once.

24. Take up a challenge.

I’ve just joined a gym. Right now raising my arms above my shoulders is a challenge. Does that count? Losing those 30 pounds was a challenge, too. Three medication-free births, another challenge. I like challenges. My favourite type are the ones I set for myself. I don’t generally like competing with others.

25. Go on safari.

I dunno. This is only one of the dozens of possible travel ideas I’ve had, and far from top of the list. Maybe one day.

26. Blow a load of money in one shopping trip, just because you can
What, what? WHY, now? “Just because I can” is a stupid, stupid reason to blow a load of money. If I really want, and/or really need, and really love what I’m buying, the money’s well spent, but “just because I can“?? Just because I can?!? Whoever wrote this list has some gawdawful stupid ideas about money.

27. Learn a new instrument.

I play the piano. I have played the oboe. Another instrument would be fun, but squeezing in the time is the challenge. I took fiddle lessons briefly a few years back, didn’t really enjoy it.

28. Be married for longer than 20 years
I was married for 13 years to the first guy, and am approaching 6 with the second. That’s 19. Does that count?? Seriously, wonderful husband and I have been together for 16 years, so by my reckoning we’re closing in on 20. (It took me that long to get over the trauma of my first marriage and be willing to try that again. It was well worth the wait!)

29. Have enough money left for the grandchildren to enjoy
Meh. I’ll enjoy my grandchildren while I’m alive. They can fend for themselves in life after I’m gone, just like I did when my grandparents died. I never expected my grandparents to set me up. Odd notion.

30. Start a family.

Done. Well past started. I have a grand-daughter, and look forward to more grandchildren in the coming years.

31. Earn more than your age
None of your business. I’ll talk about my sex life more openly than I’ll talk about how much I earn.

32. Have a pet.

At the moment, two dogs. But over the years, we’ve had dozens: dogs, cats, guinea pigs (love those things), hamsters, gerbils, a rabbit, rats (don’t love those things). Lots of pets.

33. Drive a really fast car
Yes. Though I drove it slowly. Well, speed-limitly. It wasn’t mine.

34. Travel alone


35. Be able to keep the kids on the straight and narrow
As far as it was up to me. Now it’s up to them!

36. Meet strangers
Yes. I rather enjoy chatting with strangers. That’s one of the perks of travel, and of living in a travel-destination city. (I like chatting with obvious tourists. Fun!)

37. Move away from home to an unfamiliar place
Yes. Moved from tiny village to mid-sized city for university, and a different mid-sized city for teacher’s college. Then to large city after university. Then to a different country, where my eldest was born, then back to the large city. Now in a different large city. All except the out-of-country move were within the same province.

38. Have a one night stand
Yup. It was fun and no regrets, but no need to do that again.

39. Pass your driving test.

Done. First try. Of course, I was 34 at the time…

40. Get a degree.

Done. Twice. Two bachelor’s. Would love to go for my Master’s some day.

41. Rescue someone so that you’re a hero for a little while.

Yes. I gave a home to a teen who was in bad home situations and needed a safe place. Sat beside her hospital bed all night after a suicide attempt, too. She’s in university now and doing well.

42. Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you
What a moronic idea. You know he’s wrong, so you know it won’t last, but, just so you can cross it off your Life Experience List you involve yourself with him. And if he then genuinely cares for you, then what? “Oh, sorry guy. This was just, you know, for the experience!!!” You don’t play with other people like that. Jeez.

43. Get a promotion.

Kinda hard, if you’re self-employed. (Was it a promotion to go from being a mom for free to being a mom for pay???)

44. Reach the desired career peak by age 40
Whatever the hell that means. I guess if you’re self-employed, you can decide for yourself if that’s happened. Therefore yes, I did reach my peak! (Over ten years ago. Jeez, that’s just sad. Wait, no! No, I did not! No peaking yet!)

45. Have an all-night drinking session.

Ugh. No. Never have, never want to. Can only imagine how sick, sick, sick that would make you. What could possibly make that kind of sick worthwhile? Ugh.

46. Perform something on stage in front of others
I was in the high school band. I was in Sunday School. I joined the high school drama club briefly. Lots of stage time for me.

47. Snog a stranger.

This is included under “one night stand”, above.

48. Plan a surprise party.

For my son’s 18th birthday. Fun! Also for myself, at age 29. One day I’ll tell you that story, maybe.

49. Embark on adrenaline-packed activities such as sky diving or bungee jumping
God, no. I feel the same way about this as I do about all-night drinking sessions. Blurgh.

50. Spend time with children even if they aren’t yours.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Who in their right mind would want to do that??

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I’ve been tagged!

Thank god, because I do not have a post in me. Just don’t. So Carol, at If By Yes, thank you for tagging me!

The rules for playing blog tag are simple:

1- You must post the rules
2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
3- Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
4- Tag eleven people with a link to your post
5- Let them know they’ve been tagged

Here are the questions I was given.

1. How many times, as an adult, have you wet yourself?

Hoo. Let’s start right in at the “WHO would want to know this???” deep end of embarrassment. Okay, so… how does one define this? Full-on, running-down-the-legs disaster? In which case, never. Or are we talking uncomfortable-but-invisible (so long as you don’t sit down, don’t ask me how I know that) mini-event, provoked by sneezing or foolish attempts to actually, you know, run anywhere?

In which case I shall say only this:
– second pregnancy
– 10-pound baby
– 87 minutes of labour

I think we need no further details.

2. What book are you most ashamed of liking?

I have a degree in English. I read a lot of capital-L Literature, I read a fair amount of non-fiction. I also read a lot of frivolous, brainless fluff. I like it all, depending on my mood. The only thing I’d be truly ashamed of reading would be truly shameful stuff — kiddie porn or something equally vile, and I don’t read that. So what I’m saying is that if I enjoy reading it, I’m not ashamed of enjoying it. The only reason to be ashamed is if you feared someone else’s disapproval, and I don’t give a nanosecond’s thought to that. Why should someone else’s taste determine my reading list?

3. What book are you most ashamed of disliking?

See answer to number two, only in reverse. To be ashamed of something would mean that I’d fallen short of some sort of Worthy Standard, and when it comes to matters of taste, well, that’s what it is … personal taste. I may not share someone’s taste, I may not even approve of it, but why should that matter to them? You want to decorate your den in black velvet paintings of poker-playing dogs, feel free. And if I liked them (which I don’t) I would be unapologetic. Whatever floats yer boat.

4. What cartoon character did you have a crush on as a child?

I was a late bloomer. I didn’t do crushes until I was 16 or so, by which time I’d stopped watching cartoons. Though perhaps Rocket Robin Hood came closest.

5. What dream was terrifying as a child, but is funny to think about now?

My first nightmare, when I was not quite two, involved “a big bunny rabbit!!!” I have no recollection of this, but apparently I was seriously spooked. Poor baby Mary. This amuses me. The other scary dreams I had as a child are still scary: endlessly falling, being trapped someplace dangerous, being chased by something scary and unable to run, though in truth, I very, very rarely have frightening dreams any more. Thank goodness!

6. What word do you always misspell?

I have one. More than one, in fact. Can I remember any of them at all? Of course not. I’ll have to come back to this.

7. What bad smell do you secretly kind of like?

Sweat. Slightly stale sweat. (Particularly slightly stale male sweat.) However, there’s a very fine line between “mmmmmmm” and “eeewww”, so don’t be omitting to shower should we ever meet, mkay?

8. What good smell do you actually dislike?

If I don’t like it, it’s not a good smell for me, so it’s hard to say. I don’t like the smell of brussels sprouts. Is that considered a good smell? Wet dog, but I gather few people like that. I’m hit and miss on coffee, and I know lots of people love that. Sometimes I like the smell, sometimes not so much.

9. Are you the kind of person who wants to eat babies/puppies?

Puppies! With floppy ears and fat bellies. And puppy fluff! Short, stubby tails! Oooooo… Oh, and baby toes! Nom. And dimpled elbows and round cheeks and fat bellies with bellybuttons. Lucky me, I get to nibble on baby toes and fat cheeks every! single! day! 😀

10. What is your most intellectually snobby personality trait?

Grammar. I am a grammar snob. I am not a vocabulary snob. It does not bother me that the language changes. Where would you draw the line, declare the language to be perfect, and refuse any further evolution? That’s just silly. ‘Focus’ was once primarily a visual term; now it’s more likely to mean ‘attend’ or ‘concentrate’. I’m fine with that. Languages, if they are to stay vibrant and useful, evolve.

But grammar? “Than” and “then” are two different words, people, and give us useful distinctions. Learn the difference. (I’ve known since I was eight years old at the very latest. I’m sure you can figure it out.) “Who” and “that”. If it’s a person, it’s WHO. “There’s the woman who came in second in the marathon,” not “the woman that”. ‘It’s’ and ‘its’. These are grade school errors, things that were taught in grade 3, 4, and 5, yet you see them all. the. time. I’m a grammar snob, though as you can see, I’m perfectly comfortable using an informal, colloquial writing style. Inconsistent? Perhaps.

11. What is your trashiest personality trait?

I like to gossip. Not maliciously (er, well, usually), I keep confidences well (always), and I’m careful who I gossip with. I refuse to gossip with malicious, secret-spreading people. But I loooove to talk about people, what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with, why they’d be doing that at all.

Okay, that’s that. I don’t have eleven questions right now. I’ll give it a day’s thought and see what I come up with…

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Ten Things

Idea stolen from Bridgett: Ten Items I’m Glad I Possess

1. I probably opted to do this meme because our first item is the same: socks. Bridgett’s are wool, mine are mohair. Every year I buy a couple more pair of kid mohair socks — I’m up to eight pairs now, I think, meaning some are four years old, and I have yet to wear a hole in one. They’re expensive, but so worth it. Warmest socks I have ever owned.

2. My piano. Well, a keyboard, really, and not quite the full 88, but I’m very happy with it anyway. ( I’m happy to possess the piano — and the ability to play it!)

3. My dogs. (Does one possess dogs? However you decide, the dogs bring great joy into my life. (So do my kids, but you definitely don’t possess them!))

4. My food processor. So many good things come from that thing. Today it was curry paste for the chicken, and the batter for chocolate almond macaroons. Nom.

5. My lovely little house on its lovely little street.

6. My feather pillow. I got it for Christmas last year. Love it, love it, love it. Similarly, feather duvet. Soooooo warm.

7. My optimism. No, not an item, really, but it makes my life a much happier thing. I am grateful to be optimistic.

8. Another not-exactly-an-item: My creativity. A great artist I’ll never be, but I am creative, and great satisfaction comes from that. (I thank my mother for the creative genes.) 🙂

9. My laptop. I would go crazy without my laptop.

10. Books. By extension, the local library, which, no I don’t possess, exactly, but I have absolutely done far more than most to support it. Not because of the taxes I pay — everyone pays those — but because of my library fines. Which are frequent, and too frequently large. Or at least large-ish. Sigh. Oh, well: my absent-mindedness is the library’s gain, no?

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A Woman of Substance

Carol at If By Yes has awarded me a “Blog of Substance” award. (Though perhaps really the Redundancy Award would be more apt.) Thank you! “Substance”. It’s a compliment worth receiving.

The Rules:
•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you (check)
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance

Five words?

Ummm… “five toddlers and still sane”?

“five toddlers and questionably sane”?

“five toddlers and purportedly sane”?

“dog and toddlers: kindred spirits” (That’s for you, Carol!)

How about I do what Carol did and use a list of words, rather than try to create a meaningful phrase?

Respect Give it to the child: expect nothing less in return!

Backbone It’s a term from Barbara Coloroso, whom I respect immensely to describe a style of parenting I’ve always tried to maintain — and to teach to ‘my’ parents.

Creativity Not just crafts and games, fun as they are, but an attitude to this whole parenting schtick. There is no one right way to parent; you have to/get to wing it a lot, so enjoy the experience, be a little irreverent, and remember if you mess up once in a while, take heart: It is just not that easy to permanently screw up a child.

Laughter Every day. Every day there is some reason to laugh at with your child. If you’re not seeing it, take some time to yourself — a weekend away on your own (a girl can dream!), a walk, a shower, at the very least, put on your headphones and drown the little wretches out — you need the breather.

Expectations I find parents tend to have way too high expectations of themselves and way too low of their kids. Every parental mis-step is an EPIC FAIL, putting their child’s life-long emotional well-being in perilous jeopardy. (Note: No, it’s not. Give your kid some credit here; also, lower your expectations of yourself a smidge.) But those coffee shops which expect you to keep your child seated and non-disruptive? They’re just UNREASONABLE!!! (Note: No, they’re not. Give your kid some credit here; your expectations of your child are too low.)

There. I think that will do. Thanks again, Carol, for the compliment!

As for listing blog? I don’t read many blogs these days, and these days I’m drawn to blogs which are IN NO WAY even attempting to be substantial. So I don’t have ten. Not even close. Still, here are three of my favourites. I don’t expect anyone to take part in the meme. I just want to share some of my favourites with anyone reading here.

1. Mir at WouldaCouldaShoulda
2. Janet, From the Planet of Janet
3. Sarah, at A Piece of Sanity


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Versatility Award

Average Mom has given me the Versatility Award! How cool! (But where is my prize? Ribbon? Blog button? Bucketloads of cash?) Like AM, I’m not sure what I’ve done to earn it, but I’m accepting with gracious thanks, and abiding by the rules of the gig, which are:

1) thank the person who gave you the award
2) tell seven thing about yourself and
3) pass the award on to other bloggers whom you love, and, I suppose, find to be versatile.

So, thank you, Average Mom, for you kindly compliment. I do appreciate it.

Seven things about me:

1. I have two university degrees yet spend my days with people who rarely use words of more than two syllables. I see no incongruency here.

2. I am left-handed.

3. I am reasonably musical. I play the piano enough to tackle Beethoven, etc., (though it’s been a couple of years since I’ve laid fingers on ivory), have an okay singing voice, and can make musical sounds with a couple other instruments.

4. My favourite colour is green. I tend to prefer darker shades, and I loathe chartreuse. I don’t much like orange on anything but pumpkins, oranges, and fall leaves.

5. Though I manage conflict well, I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Outside I’m calm, inside I’m shaking — with rage, fear, or just plain stress.

6. I have lost over 30 pounds in the last two years, in two stages. (And I’m done now. Very happy where I am.) I love Weight Watchers.

7. I love to travel, but rarely do. Oh, money…

Who would I like to hear from?

Let’s see…

and whoever else would like to play.

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Haven’t done a meme in forever, and I have no inspiration whatsoever for today’s post, so when I found Clumberkim’s, I decided this was a gift from the universe, and I scarfed it.

1. What’s your favorite color?
Green. I prefer darker shades, am also partial to blue-green hues, though I love them all… except chartreuse, aka “bile” or “puke” green.

2. If you were headed to a desert island and could take just one CD, what would it be?
Oh, gracious. Right now? A disk by Harry Manx, called Wise and Otherwise. Ask me in a month, it’ll be something entirely different.

3. Ginger or Mary Ann?
Mary Ann. She was kind of gag-me cutesy-wholesome, but at least she knew better than to wear evening gowns to breakfast.

4. Cake or pie? Why? What kind? (Yeah, I’m calling that one question.)
Not really a fan of either. (You know, me and that whole ‘sweet’ thing.) Pie, probably, because there’s like, you know, real food in it, somewhere in all that sugar. And of the possibilities? Strawberry-rhubarb, I think.

5. What was your favorite book when you were in high school?
I read voraciously in high school, more than I do now. I recall really liking “Brave New World” and “The Chrysalids“.

6. What is your dream car?
I have no dream car. Not a car person. If I owned a car, it would be inexpensive, fuel efficient, and probably a hybrid. I think there’s no such thing, so at the moment I have no car. Suit me fine, and saves me a boatload of money.

7. If you had unlimited resources for a service project anywhere in the world, what would you do and where?
My current interest is Medecins sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. They do so much, and go to places few other organizations brave.

8. Do you speak a language other than English?
No. Wish I did. I’d start with French, and after that, for a complete change of pace, Arabic. Other interests: Swahili and Japanese.

9. What is your musical guilty pleasure?
Don’t think I have one. Are there types of music you’re not supposed to enjoy? (I mean, there are types I don’t like, of course, but that’s just me. Other people are allowed to like them!)

10. What did you do on your last vacation?
Does ‘vacation’ mean ‘time off work’, or actual trip? My last actual trip was two or three years ago, and a Real Vacation was almost ten years ago, when we went to France. Mostly we hang around the house and get stuff done.

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By the numbers

How old was your mom when she had you?

How many siblings do you have?

How many people live in your household?

What is your zip code?
Don’t have one

What year was your first car made?
Never owned a car

What year is your current vehicle?
Still don’t own one (but yes, I can drive)

How many piercings do you have?

How many tattoos do you have?

How many creamers do you take in your coffee?

What time did you wake up this morning?

What is the latest you’ve stayed up this week?
9:48 (See wake time, above. My 10 pm is your midnight…)

How old were you when the Challenger blew up?

What year did you graduate high school?

How old were you, or do you want to be when you get married?
First time: 21 (TOO YOUNG); Second time: 46 (Perfect!)

How old were you, or do you want to be when you have kids?
24 – 32

How many kids do you have/do you want?
3 (All I have, exactly the right number!)

How many pieces of jewelry are you wearing right now?

How many different houses have you lived in?
More than 15. (Am now settled, thanks.)

What is your average electric bill?

What is your lucky number?

How many windows are in the room you’re in?

How many TV’s are in your house?

How many boyfriend/girlfriends have you had?
No idea. I’ve dated lots (I loved being single), but does going out half-a-dozen times make you boyfriend/girlfriend? I don’t think so, necessarily.

What time do you get out of work/school?

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