It’s Not All Mary Poppins


I have so much enjoyed writing this post, and seeing your responses to it. Thus, this post is for you, my readers. Those who comment regularly, those who email, those who just lurk and send my hit counter ticking steadily upward.

When I started blogging, I saw it as a private endeavour. Yes, I was fully aware that blogs are published in a public forum, but of the 5 billion blogs out there, I thought, who’d find mine? Just as you can be anonymous more easily in a crowded city than a small village, I had little expectations of bumping into anyone who’d take note of me personally in the immensity of the blogosphere.

I was wrong. What a happy mistake!

As a result of all you readers, and specifically those of you who comment, I have discovered what is to me the most satisfying part of blogging: interaction. Reading your comments, commenting back, seeing silly conversations burst out amongst commenters, and finding out that I’ve actually inspired or encouraged someone – it’s all been tremendously fun! Childcare (parenting!)can be an isolating profession. Blogging has given me a community that I can access any time at all from my dining room table. Surely that’s why there are so many “mommy blogs”! I am having so much fun!

And so, to those of you in my new-found, invisible community: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

October 10, 2005 Posted by | random and odd | 19 Comments